Download CS 1.6 HD Edition (100% FREE & WORKING) HERE!

Download CS 1.6 HD Edition (100% FREE & WORKING) HERE!

CS 1.6 HD Edition is the most improved and best looking version of Counter-Strike 1.6. Since it’s release date (2003 of the full came out of Counter-Strike) mostly games were improving and adding new stuff. Like csgo – it started as a new game but through the years it gained many new addition and features. Few of them are good looking graphics, sounds, rank system and skins system.

Download free cs 1.6 game HD edition

Download our free game version of Counter-Strike 1.6 HD Edition (high definition). Why? Because it has good quality weapons, new pack of models, new Game Menu look, loading to the servers banner and much more. It looks way more better than the original CS 1.6 and has more advantages in a way of the game look. Gameplay is unchanged, but new features that has been added to this game is a worth to try out. And you can do it totally for free by download it here – in our DOWNCS.SITE website!

CS 1.6 Game Features (what is newer than cs 1.6 original)

  • New gamemenu look
  • Weapon skins
  • Map looks
  • CS 1.6 weapons sounds
  • Startup music changed
  • Loading banner
  • Working servers list (Internet tab)

CS 1.6 HD screenshots:

cs 1.6 load menu
cs 1.6 hd edition skins
cs 1.6 gamemenu
cs 1.6 hd weapons

As you can see, the CS 1.6 game is looking great. This version is the right thing for you to download and test it by yourself. Don’t you think so? When you will download and install it, launch counter-strike and feel the big enjoyment feeling while playing with all the players in the world. Most of them are good, most of them are not. But hey! You can be the best player of Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) while practising it with good players in our given servers! Become the greatest player and a living legend like SK | SpawN today and download our CS 1.6 game for free!


cs 1.6 hd edition

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