CS Cheats? Who are they? Find out now!

Counter-Strike (cs cheats) hacks and cheats (cs 1.6 cheats, cs 1.6 hacks) is not a good thing. This game is sometimes not that easy and more players choosing a way to grief the game in cs 1.6 online multiplayer while using cs cheats wallhack bunnyhop doubleduck, aliases and other restricted programs.

Actually now when the CS 1.6 base is more advanced and many of the players are adults they know that cheating is not a good way to perform in the game. If you want to become a better player you would never choose to use speedhacks, aimbots, wallhacks or other cheats to outplay your cs enemies.

If you really want to improve your aiming and playing skills in counter strike you should choose fy_ or aim_ maps.

Never use cs cheats wallhack aimbot

Fy_ and AIM_ maps is the best way to learn how to play and shoot correctly in Cs 1.6 scene. There’s a small or medium maps which are giving you an opportunity to learn basic skills of counter strike.

Next well known cheating is bunny hop hack. But the problem is that when you use these type of cs 1.6 hacks and programs you will never be ahead of other players.

How to bunnyhop (without cs cheats)?

  1. Firstly, open your console by pressing ` or ~ (the button above the TAB button to see your scoreboard – kills/deaths)
  2. bind your jumping key to Mouse wheel up or mouse wheel down. I suggest using mouse wheel down for more comfortable use. (type in: bind MWHEELDOWN +jump)
  3. Now back in the game and turn your mouse wheel down. You see? Now you have two button binds for jumping. Space and mouse wheel down.
  4. Run and turn mouse wheel down and do it multiple times.
  5. Now watch this Strafing guide for CS 1.6 strafe:

It is easy to strafe in cs 1.6 because the game has a good strafing system.

How to doubleduck (cs 1.6 original)?

  1. Bind in console again: bind MWHEELUP +duck
  2. Get back in the game and turn your mouse wheel up. You did a mini duck
  3. Now connect these two buttons CTRL and mousewheelup (start with mouse wheel turning up)
  4. Do a mousewheelup and then immediately press the CTRL button (cs 1.6 duck button by default is ctrl)

[CS 1.6]

cs cheats wallhack bunnyhop doubleduck how to tutorial

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