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Looking to download a free CS download? Downcs.site offers you to do it just right here! There are plenty of Counter-Strike version around the internet and most of them doesn’t give the effect you think it will give. That’s why you are here in our site! DOWNCS.SITE offers you to download a clean and working CS 1.6 Non Steam version without any hidden slowhacks or changes done to the cs 1.6 game client!

What is a Counter-Strike 1.6 and how to download it for free?

Counter-Strike is a game that became very popular through all these years since it’s release date. What is more, it is released back in the 2003 and is popular till this day! It has a very big spectrum of cs gamemodes, big servers list and much fun play time. CS 1.6 (cs game) is the most popular first person shooter (fps) all around the world. We could strongly say around the globe. As you can see, there is more and more players connecting and joining this CS community each day just because they know that cs (cstrike mod) is the most attractive and fun shooter game to play.

Over the years it’s modding community has grown to a one big family while creating custom modifications for the game and many of them plugins which makes today’s servers very great looking or adding new features to the old, but gold game! So much time passed since Valve software launched the last update for Counter-Strike and it managed to help hackers and slowhack users to interrupt and change your config files (config.cfg or userconfig.cfg). Or even to change your GameMenu selections, change your MasterServers.vdf (rev_masterservers.vdf) without you knowing about that or download some stuff while connecting to specific CS 1.6 server. It is nothing new that this game has a Multiplayer (Find Servers) and Offline (New Game + bots zbots).

The history of CS 1.6

First of all, this game was Half-Life (hl.exe) modification when it fully came out as a separate game in 2003. It is cstrike modification, but now in a full game called Counter Strike. Secondly, we offer you to download original CS game for free just now and here! Without any bad changes to your cs client, with working servers lists (Internet list) and no common changes which is not helping you in game!

Best Counter-Strike (CS 1.6) mods and cs 1.6 maps

You must know that this game is still the best game in the world. If you’re new to this and never heard of counter-strike let us tell you… This game has a custom modification and many custom cs servers with various gameplay modes.

Popular cs 1.6 modes (cs 1.6 plugins, cs mods): Classic, Public, CSDM, HSDM, Respawn, Surf, Deathrun, Gather, PUG mix mode, Zombie mod, Zombie Plague, Biohazard, Umbrella Swarm, Hide’n’Seek (hns), Catch mod, Halloween mod, GunXP, CSGO mod (cs:go mod) and much more cs server mods.

CS 1.6 maps: de_dust2, de_dust, de_dust2_2x2, cs_pf_dust, cs_assault, cs_italy, de_nuke, de_inferno, de_prodigy, cs_office, de_train, de_cbble, de_aztec, de_aztec15, surf_ski_2 (surf mod), surf_green, surf_sand, zm_deko2 (zm mod cs 1.6, cs zombie plague), zm_ice_attack, zm_ice_attack2, zm_ice_attack3, zm_ice_devil, zm_dust2, zm_dust2_new, zm_dust2_new, zm_dust_world, hns_mie (hns mod cs1.6), c21_gurka, hns_floopytown, c21_orange, c21_kitty, hns_minecraft, awp_rooftops

CS Plugins (cs 1.6 plugin) popular: amxmodx, metamod, reunion, dproto, amx_gag, galileo map voting, mapchooser, statsxshell, admin models, vip models, zp extra bazooka, zp extra jetpack+bazooka, zp extra golden ak47, zp extra golden m4a1, multijump, vip menu, simple csdm vip, simple public vip, RankSystem, army ranks cs1.6, Quake Sounds, Ultimate KillStreak Sounds, Advanced quakesounds, amxx parachute, Parachute by Krot@l, surf timer, kreedz, jumpstats, zp extra lasermine, lasermines, sentryguns cs, ChatManager

About cs 1.6 modifications (short cs 1.6 mod explanations):

Classic/Public – a simple but most popular cs modification. It is the place where Counter-terrorists (CT) and Terrorists (T or TT) fights with each other to win the round and the whole map or cs 1.6 match.

CSDM (Respawn) – a gamemode where you respawn and be alive when you die. Same for the player you kill – he will respawn eventually in few seconds and be back again. This is a good modification to train your cs skills

Surf – it can be mixed with GunXP mod or it can be a standard gamemode. Surf servers is the place where you can relax and just slide around the map without any stress. Trust us, you will have a great time playing this modification.

Deathrun – there is various deathrun_ maps in this game. The main point is to stay alive and reach the Terrorist which is pressing the trap buttons to make you fall and die. The only weapon you have is knife and USP till you reach the Terrorists spawn and get weapons from the ground to kill.

Gather/Mix – competetive gamemode where players fight 5v5 (versus) or we could say 5×5. Fighting till some team wins all 15 rounds or 16 rounds.

Zombie Plague (Zombie Mod) – very fun to play cs modification. The game could be described as Humans Vs Zombies. Round starts as everyone is healthy and no infection is spread through the players. It starts countdown 10 seconds before next gamemode comes in. It can be: first zombie mod (normal infection), Multiple infection (multi players infected with zm infection), Swarm mode (zombies are not infecting, but killing humans), Nemesis, Survivor, Sniper, Armagedon. Players collect Ammo packs and then they can exchange them to some special extra items in shop. Like a previous mentioned jetpack or bazooka for example.

Counter-Strike 1.6 by DOWNCS.SITE specifications:

  • Latest build 9211
  • Original Steam player models
  • Working internet servers list (Find servers)
  • Working bots system
  • Anti-Slowhack protection
  • Anti-hack prevention
  • Fast install progress
  • Light weight install .exe (only 175MB)

PC requirements for Counter Strike 1.6

The minimum system requirements to play:

  • CPU speed at least: 500Mhz
  • Minimum 128 MB of RAM.
  • At least 16MB of GPU(Video card)
  • 1GB(1024mb) of free disk space.
  • OS(Operation system): Windows: xp, vista, 7, 8, 8,1, 10
  • Gear: Keyboard, Mouse
  • Internet access if you want to play Counter strike 1.6 multiplayer in Servers

The recommended system requirements to play:

  • CPU speed: 900Mhz or faster.
  • 512 MB of RAM or More.
  • At least 128MB of GPU(Video card)
  • 2GB(2048mb) of free disk space.
  • OS(Operation system): Windows: xp, vista, 7, 8, 8,1, 10
  • Gear: Keyboard, Mouse
  • Internet access if you want to play Cs 1.6 servers Online


free cs download – means you can actually download a free game copy of Counter-Strike non steam version

counter-strike torrent – free cs download through the torrent client

original cs 1.6 clean version – installation of the clean game

cs 1.6 v43 – fully working game client of CS 1.6

DOWNLOAD BUTTONS (press on the button by your desired type of download to start download our CS 1.6 install .exe file from Google Drive – torrent or setup .exe files)

So what are you waiting for? Go to our home page and choose your desired download type in the right or left side!

Screenshots from the game Counter-Strike gameplay:

cs gameplay screenshot 1
cs gameplay wallpaper 2
cs gameplay 3

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