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cs 1.6 source edition css edition – What is it? Good question, isn’t it? A new created version of CS 1.6! Counter-Strike 1.6 is the most customizable and the coolest FPS shooter in the world. Sorry? We said coolest? It’s the best of the best! Don’t you trust us? Read more and you will find out about CS 1.6 CSS Edition now.

Really? What is Counter-Strike Source?

Counter-Strike Source is the second released game from the start of the original Counter-Strike 1.6. CSS was released in 2004 as just a starting version of CS:S. Later on 2005 it came out as the full version of the game. It was built on the other game engine called Source Engine since our old but gold first born CS 1.6 original is built on GoldSrc engine (like other it’s franchise games HL and TFC and much more). We must mention that CSS was more reliable and more realistic improved that CS 1.6, new ragdolls animations, weapons, sounds, maps. All in all it wasn’t that successful like the Counter-Strike 1.6.

CS 1.6 source edition

Well, we offer you to choose this Counter-Strike 1.6 version to be able to feel the CS:S nostalgic and good energy giving gameplay. It is the same original CS 1.6 just with changed player, weapon, sound and other aspects of the game. Even the new GameMenu background (cs 1.6 wallpaper) and game startup music. Still, the main cs 1.6 game characteristics left unchanged. As we told in our earlier posts – our goal is to offer you the best quality gameplay without any issues. So we won’t be trying to put you on some sketchy things like slowhacks (changing cs 1.6 player settings without their permission).

Less talk, more work. Take a look at cs source edition of CS 1.6!

css edition knife
cs 1.6 css pistols
cs 1.6 rifles
shotguns cs 1.6
cs:s 1.6 edition
snipers cs 1.6 css

Our CS 1.6 game client (cs 1.6 source edition) features:

  • Working Internet list (MasterServers.vdf)
    • Bots system (New game offline)
    • No slowhacks
    • Default player settings (config.cfg, userconfig.cfg)
    • NEW HUD
    • All the weapons, models and sounds were changed
    • BUILD 4544
    • Fast installation, lightweight setup file (195MB)

To download our CS 1.6 Source edition game setup press down link below!

cs 1.6 source edition

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