CS 1.6 Battery Edition (Counter-Strike 1.6 in a new look!)

CS 1.6 download

Counter-Strike 1.6 Battery is a new modificated version of CS 1.6 fans. We can offer you this modded version of Counter-Strike just for free. After all, check this game screenshots of CS 1.6 Battery Edition.

These are cs 1.6 battery edition ingame screenshots. CS 1.6 in a new look!

Counter-Strike 1.6 Battery screenshots

cs 1.6 skins
galil skin
cs 1.6 m4a1 skin
cs m4a1 skin
cs p90 skin
counter-strike p90 model
cs 1.6 awp model
awp skin cs 1.6
cs 1.6 autosniper
sig550 model cs 1.6
What we offer in cs 1.6 battery edition game?
  • Optimized gameplay on our cs client
  • Working server browser, Internet list works 100% (MasterServer)
  • Latest build 9211
  • Non-steam 47/48
  • NEW GAME LOOKING: new cs skins, ne models, new sounds, new player models (cs 1.6 skins)

CS 1.6 Battery is just a a new version created by our partners WS-GAMING. We highly suggest you to try out this cool cs skin packed full installation if you’re some Call of Duty series fan. Battle Territory Battery game now in Counter-Strike 1.6 skin! CS Battery Edition is a new custom modificated cs game which gives you a chance to test out some new unseen cs 1.6 for free. CS 1.6 Battery Edition is one of the most new game edition for those who like custom modded gaming. Free game cs 1.6 download is now available to download on our site. Grab a free copy of this cool and new looking CS 1.6 Version of the game now!

New player models, new weapon models and skins, new sounds, better HUD. New game menu startup music and background of game menu. Simply a great experience for old cs 1.6 fans to give it a shot! Still working cs 1.6 servers will attract you and won’t disappoint you on this cs 1.6 download. As a result, your cs 1.6 game will look more fresh than it was first launched! Press the link below to start download Counter-Strike 1.6 battery edition by downcs.site!

Try out by choosing Direct download from Google Drive:

download cs 1.6 battery edition

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